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Hi Guys, Happy weekend!! 
We have only been in business since January and would love to know what you think. Yesterday, 447 people went through our Shopify storehttps://balooosee.myshopify.com/ . A huge Thank You to you all. Please post in the comments below, or in a private message what you would like to see more, or less of. May be there is a product you want that we don't carry, let us know, we will try hard to find it. We have been studying the metrics and trends etc, as it is always fun to have a product when it is just going viral. It's fun to own it, the first one in the crowd to break the mould.

I remember a billion years ago when I was a teenager buying some stretchy pants with stirrups that went under your foot. I thought I looked good in them and they sure were comfortable. Then a few weeks later, I went to school and WHAM! everyone was wearing them. From that they on, i claimed I started that fad. Now, that's what we want for you guys. We want to have your back if such a thing is possible in the shopping world.  Awesome and thanks from Team Ballooo

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    Perhaps you would be selling more if you didn’t piss off and offend 150 million Americans with your anti-Trump t-shirt. Just because the TV news tells you that Trump is unpopular doesn’t make it so. Personally I don’t give a shit about your politics but if you’re trying to build a successful business, you’d be wise to keep these kinds of opinions to yourself. Hello?

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