Our store is located on the west coast of Canada. We have received a few messages asking if we are American because our prices are mostly in USD. We price this way because it is easier for people overseas.

As we are an online Canadian based store and dealing with the world market, we use the U.S dollar has the benchmark. Worldwide it is easier for people to convert from their dollar to U.S funds. In fact, many people have the conversion factor memorized, so where ever they go they can convert their dollar to another.

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  • Jared on

    Hi, I saw your shopify post, your site needs a lot of help…there is no direction its pieced together and no clear idea of what you are selling plus you have no on page SEO set up so you will never be discovered in google. I can tell you went to alibaba or maybe aliexpress and got products but you need a direction. Reach out to us we can help you. And you should of hosted this and used wordpress to avoid shopify $30 a month fee

  • Marc Hopkins on

    Hey Balloosee,

    I found your article about you going bananas, while scrolling through google. I too am starting out fresh in this whole product labeling business.
    As a regular person with very little experience in the game, I saw something that might help. When I first went to your site, I wanted to see what was being sold. I saw the purses and I was like ok cool, it’s Valentines Day my wife or daughters might like that. Where do I buy? I tried to click on the item and it didn’t take me anywhere. So, I scrolled down and finally found the categories. Ok, so I started looking around and by that time my attention was lost.
    With all that being said, I think if consumers want something then they want it now. That’s why Amazon is so successful. They are really user friendly. Here’s your item, now here’s how you buy it. IMO make you advertising first two items clickable so the consumer can buy it right then and there.
    Remember, this is advice from a person with “0” experience, and so are the buyers.

    Good luck!
    Marc Hopkins

    P.S. Email me back and let me know how everything is coming along. I’m interested!

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