Scuba diving on Aitutaki, Cook Islands, desert island ATM's, whale sharks, nuclear sub's, Facebook, Instagram and the real Boho.


Back in the 90's, I was on a scuba diving adventure on a Cook Islands outer Island by the name of Aitutaki. On the island, the locals hand squeezed coconut's to make coconut oil. Back then you were lucky if you found an ATM in a major city, not to mention one with a PLUS symbol, which meant you could 'probably' withdraw funds from your own home bank, in your country of residence.  These were the days before cell phones, voicemail, internet, computers, Netflix and the worst fate ever......these were the days before Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. How we survived, I will never know.

Anyway, I went to Aitutaki to dive because there was a certain location where divers were know to collide with nuclear subs and whale sharks at the same time. YES! This is the adventure for me I said.........but ATM's, seriously? Not a one.  So I handed the ladies (on the door step of their teeny tiny home on a cliff) a severely crumpled $5 U.S. bill from my heavily pocket linted pocket. They probably had never seen a television before, but they sure knew the value of a greenback. Smiling warmly, they handed me fresh squeezed hand squished coconut oil, in a used 500ml 7-UP plastic pop bottle.

C'est la vie

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