Amelia - Short floral print boho summer dress

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This is the quintessential summer dress. It's the dress you wear when lifelong memories are made, in those lazy, hazy days of summer. The smell of freshly cut lawn and the shriek and giggle of children as they run under garden sprinklers. The taste of ice cold lemonade and the sound of tinkling ice cubes. 

The dress is versatile, dress it up, or dress it down. It can be worn in cooler weather over tights, boots, or pants accompanied by a cardigan, or big floppy hoody and with 6-inch heels, or even a pair of converse. Either way, you will look and feel great.

Material: rayon

Please consult the size chart below. Refunds/ returns will not be accepted over size discrepancies. Error may be 1-3 cm.

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